Wednesday, 20 May 2015

NIGERIAN NEWS: NLC urges Buhari to tackle oil cabal

The President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Mr. Ayuba Wabba, has called on the President- elect, Muhammadu Buhari, to ensure that the oil cabal in the country is dismantled by the incoming government.
Wabba said that the oil cabal had always make life unbearable for Nigerians whenever there is a change of government.

The NLC President also urged Buhari to ensure that the problem of corruption in the oil sector was decisively addressed.
Wabba made the call while speaking on the sidelines of an interactive session with delegates expected to attend the International Labour Convention Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.
He said that the fuel scarcity was deliberate and designed to make things difficult for the average Nigerian.
He said, “At every time there is a change of guard, this cabal would always come together to make life unbearable for the larger society. It is deliberate. We want government to address the inherent corruption in the system. Why is this happening at this time? Why is it that we have not experienced this in the last four years?
“The prolong issue of queue is deliberate. A few people in the sector have over the past years held all of us to ransom. And we can’t get it right until the inherent corruption in the system is addressed and the cabal that has constituted itself as obstacles to progress is dislodged.
He said that the Federal Government had failed to honour an agreement reached with the congress in 2011 to take deliberate measures to boost local refining of crude oil in the country.
He said that the corruption in the oil sector made it impossible for new refineries to be built in spite of the fact that licences were issued.
He lamented that Nigeria had continued on the part of fuel importation because it was in the interest of the oil cabal to cling onto the importation of refined petroleum products.
The NLC President also called on the incoming administration to ensure that the $40bn spent on the power sector was probed.
He said that the amount of money spent on the sector was not commensurate with the state of electricity generation said to be as low as 2,600 megawatts.
Source: punchng