Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Don’t waste time on probe, group tells Buhari

The Coalition for Right Judiciary and Equal Rights has called on President Muhammadu Buhari not to waste time on probing the Goodluck Jonathan administration, saying this could be distractive.

In a statement by its President, Taiwo Akeja, on Monday, the rights group described calls for the probe of past governments as “diversionary and a feeble excuse for failure.”
Condemning corruption in strong terms, the group, however, added that “no probe in Nigeria has ever yielded the desired result.”

The statement read, “Past probes of the misdeeds of government agencies have been a waste of resources, a waste of energy as well as a waste of precious time that could have been expended on useful ventures for the citizenry.”

“We prefer guiding all the institutions towards becoming stronger and durable with a view to making them to be able to discharge their required responsibilities.”

But another group, New Frontiers, called on Buhari not to shy away from setting up probe panels where they were evidence of corruption.

A statement signed by the coordinator of the group, Mr. Henry Johnson, on Monday, said that all monies stolen by public officials must be retrieved.
SOURCE: punchng