Thursday, 20 August 2015

Download 'BORN AGAIN' by Emmeraze Ft Etanol

Emmeraze is the fast rising Nigerian artiste, whose vocals are of the charts. This genius vocalist released his first official single ‘MY LIFE’ which was accepted and made him a sensation in Kaduna.

Now he is out with this new HIT ‘BORN AGAIN’ ft Etanol one of the best rappers. This song 

makes you reminisce on the first time you accepted Christ into your life and how your love for him burnt. This song put you in a trance of how unworthy you are but despite that Christ has given his life for us to gain enternal life. Thos song is already being requested by many. This is definitely a song that would remain at the top of your play list.
Download it.... Listen to it.... keep it and also Share it
  Click HERE to download this song