Sunday, 29 May 2016

Biafran News: JTF Arrests 5 over Preparation on May30 Biafran Anniversary

Barely 72 hours to the 49th year anniversary of Biafra Republic by the members of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) confusion has pervaded Anambra state especially
Onitsha, known to be home of MASSOB.
This is because the Joint Task Force, a combined team of the military, police, state Security services, civil Defence and Vigilante groups, as a proactive measure and a crackdown to forestall the celebration by MASSOB which is a yearly affair has embarked on man- hunt for MASSOB members in Anambra state.
Already The GutsyNaija through Authority Newspaper on Sunday gathered the JTF reportedly arrested four members of MASSOB and a civilian furniture maker, Eddy Nwosisi.
The JTF it was gathered stormed the workshop of the furniture maker along Awka road Onitsha, about 5.00am yesterday in search of the Nnewi South Regional administrator of MASSOB, Chief Anthony Nwodo who is also a furniture maker there.
The JTF allegedly came with four army patrol vehicles and four police patrol vehicles to look for Nwodo even as the names of other MASSOB members arrested were given as , Emeka Chukwudi, Okoye, John okoma, and Wilfred Nwachukwu.
On arrival the JTF ransacked the entire work place and arrested the Owner, Nwosisi, whisked him away as it could not get the MASSOB chieftain and made away with some working tools.
Reacting from his save haven, Nwodo said, “we are giving the JTF 48 hours to release Nwosisi who is not even our member and four others they arrested in various places”.
“They know I work there as a furniture maker and stormed there at odd time to arrest me and because they did not see me they arrested my furniture maker boss who is not our member.
“They are doing this thing to frustrate our 49th celebration of Biafra existence which comes up on Monday. It is a yearly event and we are not going to disturb anybody, markets will open and workers will go to work”.
“It is God that made me a freedom fighter and I am not a criminal. Our leader, Chief Ralph Uwazulike is God –sent to liberate Igbo people and we should support him enmasse” he said.
“The JTF came with four army patrol vehicles and four police patrol vehicles to look for me. Let them invite me I will come but let Nwosisi be released within 48 hours to avoid incuring our wrath” he warned.
“Those members arrested were , Emeka Chukwudi, okoye, John okoma, Wilgred Nwachukwu and the Nwosisi who is not our member” he stated.