Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Biafran News: Nigerian Army Tortures Peaceful IPOB Members In Elele, Rivers

The Nigerian army have been reported to have descended heavily on some group of young people seen with Biafran materials in Elele, Rivers State during a stop and search exercise which was allegedly aimed at fishing out the indigenous people of Biafra. 

According to the eyewitness who sent in the report to OrientalTimes, they were in a tricycle which was conveying them to their shop when one of the soldiers at a check point stopped them. 

As they stepped down from the tricycle following the soldier's order, he began to search them and on sighting a Biafran sticker inside the tricycle locally known as 'Keke', the soldier sounded one of them closer to him probably the driver an echoing hot slap saying thus "So una follow them"?, they asked him follow who and he responded "This Biafra people", to the greatest surprise of the soldiers, the guys told them "Yes" in firm voice that they are Biafrans. 

On hearing their response, they soldiers who already brought cutlasses with them ordered the young men into the field in that same vicinity to begin cutting of grasses, that was after they have received heavy military boot kicks. 

The young man who sent this report after clearing of the field allocated to them added that there is no amount of intimidation from the military that will cow them into relinquishing Biafra.