Thursday, 23 June 2016

Biafran News: New Biafran Group (Adaka Biafra Marine Comman­dos) Asked Niger Delta Avengers to turn down FG offers

A new group known as Adaka Biafra Marine Comman­dos, has joined the re­newed agitation for Biafra Republic.

 According to online Newspaper site (The AUTHORITY), the group sent an email to congratulated other pro-Biafran groups for their sacrifices in the struggles while calling for the sup­port of everyone within the states under the break-away republic on the agita­tion.

The statement, signed by the Director of Infor­mation, Supreme Revo­lutionary Headquarters of the group, Comrade Mkpoikanke Effiong Udo Akpan, cautioned the Ni­ger Delta Avengers to be careful over the alleged peace deals with the Fed­eral Government, saying it could be a ploy to con­tinue the exploitation of the region.

The statement read in part: “We honour and salute the valour and gal­lantry of our brothers in various organisations who have resolved to march on these tortuous and peril­ous paths to freedom.

“We mourn with our brothers in IPOB (Indig­enous Peoples of Biafra) who for over one year have lifted high the flag of our independence, making sacrifices that even Hitler would be happy that, alas, God has created a people tougher than his as they use their blood to water the plants of freedom. We assure you that your sacri­fices will not be in vain. It will be crowned with the independence of our great Biafran nation.

“We greet our brothers in MASOB, The Biafran Zionist Movement, IPOB and particularly, efforts of the Niger-Delta Avengers who have put back our just struggle in the front burner of international opinion. We salute your courage, valour, gallantry and accomplishments.

“But we must warn you brothers: the enemy is now dangling very ri­diculous settlements in order to return to our land to viciously exploit our resources to satisfy their extravagant appetite.

“Brothers, and compa­triots, these will only last for a time and after that they will continue in the viscous cycle of death, pain and deprivation. We must go back history lane: when our fathers demand­ed for a separate, indepen­dent state, they set up the Lord Wellinks Commis­sion who threw at us the crumbs called Niger Delta Development Board.
“Where are the benefits of that board today? They later created a Niger Delta River Basin Authority and several others. Wherever they found gutters and drainages became a river basin authority, the group said.