Friday, 24 June 2016

Nigerians are Suffering you need to step up your Plans - Justice Umaru Abdullahi Advice Buhari

The Former President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Umaru Abdullahi, has urged the President of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari to do what is right in his campaign promises in order to save Nigerians from sufferings.

According to GutsyNaija, the former Justice made this statement in a chat with some journalist in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, noticed that Nigerians are finding it difficult to make a living.

While making comments on the present administration achievements, the Justice also said that it will be difficult for a hungry man to contribute in the national development.

According to GutsyNaija, his words read “The President must address the challenges posed by hunger, social depri­vation and insecurity in some parts of the country. Govern­ment must ensure that there is food on the table for the com­mon man before we can gain their support and confidence.’’

Justice Abdullahi urged the Federal Government to over­haul the various price con­trol agencies, including the Consumer Protection Coun­cil (CPC), to ensure that ordi­nary Nigerians are not short-changed in the market price mechanism.

On the ongoing war against corruption, the legal luminary said the President is on track and urged Nigerians to be pa­tient and allow him clean up the mess.

He described the current Niger Delta crisis as a distrac­tion to the government and its commitment to resuscitating the ailing economy, just as he urged the agitators to embrace dialogue.