Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Watch/Download: Mark Angel Comedy Episode 74 - Executing Innovation

Mark Angel Comedy is back again with Another Comedy (not really a comedy though) but this is greater than just a comedy, it's a words of inspiration.

In this video the author talked more about Executing Innovation, Mark Angel only did an Intro in the first scene and Karen Olou made the Inspirational speech.

According to GutsyNaija, Mark Angel said for sometimes now, the have been bringing you with lot of comedies and you have been laughing but he thinks this is the right time to let you know how they started.

The Statement read "Every Friday we always bring you video that is funny and God will use it to bless your life, and has changed our life, now we want to bring you a different video that will change your life, because we want to teach some people how to use their Idea to change their life. "

This Video is not really funny, but trust me it is quite Interesting and Motivational watch, Download the Video and don't forget to drop your comment Below. Also don't forget to like our page on facebook for more Funny Videos from Mark Angel Comedy and other funny Comedians.

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