Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Any Herdsman Caught Grazing in Ekiti State With Arms will be Charge with Terrorism - Gov. Fayose

Ekiti State governor, Gov. Ayodele Fayose, said any herdsman caught grazing in the state with arms or in possession of any weapon will be charge with terrorism and prosecuted accordingly.
According to Punch News, the governor stated this after signing a bill titled ‘Prohibition of cattle and other Ruminants Grazing in Ekiti, 2016’, into law on Monday during a meeting with traditional rulers and chiefs at the government’s House in Ado Ekiti.
The bill was said to has been read by the Speaker of the State’s House of Assembly, Kolawole Oluwawole, who gave a clue that the state government was already planning to allocate land for grazing in all the state’s local government areas.
According to Source, Gov. Fayose, while signing the bill into law at the meeting, said the purpose of the meeting was to seek collaboration with the traditional rulers and chiefs on security issues and other crimes in the state.
In his words, he said, “My government took the bill to the House after what happened in Oke Ako in a few months ago. The House has passed the bill and I have given my assent to it. It becomes a law from today that if you do anything to the contrary, u will be punished accordingly to the law. Any herdsman caught with firearms or any weapon while grazing in Ekiti now will be charged with terrorism.”
The Speaker of the House also emphasized on the time hours grazing is supposed to take place.
He said, “The government shall assign certain portion of land to each local government for grazing. Anyone caught grazing on portions of land or any farmland not assigned by the government shall be arrested and force to face the law.
He added, “Any herdsman caught with firearms or any weapons whatsoever during grazing shall be charged with terrorism. Any cattle claimed shall be taken to the government cattle ranch at Erifun in Iworoko Community.

According to Punch News, the speaker ended said “Any farm products destroyed by the activities of any caught herdsman shall be estimated by agricultural officer and the expenses of the estimate shall be borne by the culprit. Any herdsman who goes against these rules shall be imprisoned for month without an option of fine.”