Friday, 19 August 2016

Declaring Niger Delta Republic is a Treasonable Offence and We won't take it Likely - Nigerian Police Warns Niger Delta Avengers

The Nigerian Police Force NPF, has warned the Niger Delta Avengers against its planned secession from Nigeria, saying it is a treasonable offence.
According to report, the Police Public Relations Officer, Donal Awunah, stated that the security agencies would not allow any action that might lead to breakdown of law and order in any part of the country.
Mr. Awunah also advised the militants group against daring the might of the federal government, describing their reported plan to declare Niger Delta Republic on October 1 as provocative statement.
According to report, Awunah reprimand the militants to channel their grievance through legal means, insisting that the police and other security agencies would not condone any act of lawlessness in the region.
In his statement read in parts, “I believe the militants know that it is a treasonable felony to declare a republic. The police and other security agencies will not allow any treasonable action to be perpetrated in any part of the country let the militants be warned.”
On Thursday, the Niger Delta Avengers threaten that it will declare a Niger Delta Republic on October 1, should Nigerian’s  president, Pres. Muhammadu Buhari fails to restructure the country.
According to report, the NDA also said, it praying for the Buhari-led administration to discover oil in commercial quantity in the northern part of Nigeria so as to free the people of the Niger Delta from their oppressive tendency.
The NDA has been known as a major threat to Nigerian economy, claiming major attacks on oil facilities in the region in recent past, vowing not to relent until the nation’s economy is completely destroyed.
In a statement made by NDA spokesman, Mr. Mudoch Agbinibo, said this on Thursday, in reaction to president Buhari’s order directing the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation to increase the temo on oil exploration in the North-East Nigeria.
The group said that once oil is discover in Northern Nigeria, its people will appreciate what the people of the Niger Delta have been experiencing in the hands of the Nigerian Government.
Report has it that the NDA re-emphasized that the country was in dire need of restructuring to possibly save the country from doom, accusing the present government of dividing the country through her misdirected policies.’
In its statement read in parts the NDA said, “Our prayer for Buhari and the Northern hypocrites including the Arewa (Nothern) Governors is that oil should be found in commercial quantity in the North so that they can let the Niger Deltans go.
“The Buhari-led administration has failed Nigerians with its misdirected policies that have divided the country the country. As such, nobody wants to be part of that failed state, not even the Niger Delta.”
He also added that, “The October 1 declaration of independence is still sacrosanct, if the Nigerian government fails to retrace its step by restructuring this country.

“We want to want the general public that those using the NDA to defraud the people, the days of reckoning are close-by.”