Thursday, 25 August 2016

Governors In South-East Nigeria Should Vacate Their Offices - Biafran Independence Movement (BIM)

A group under the Biafran agitators called, The Biafran Independence Movement (BIM) has urged those governors who are not performing in the South-East Nigeria to vacate their offices since they have lost focus and derailed from their political promises.
According to the Punch, the group also alleged that some of the governors were good at deceiving people, showing good buildings and establishing industries and constructing roads on television screen, whereas those roads they claimed to have spent billions of naira to construct remained deplorable, few weeks after their inauguration.
In a statement witnessed by the Punch in Umuahia, Abia State capital, in South-East Nigeria, by the Biafra Zonal Information Director, Anselm Ogbonna, the group insisted that as a result of the failures recorded by many politicians in the South-East, they should vacate their office as they have disappointed the electorate.
The statement read in parts, “I really mean my words; they should vacate their political offices now that they have lost focus. They have fed citizens with dividend of lies instead of dividend of democracy.  Workers’ salaries are been paid over the radios and on the pages of newspapers; not in the offices.
He added, “Pensioners who worked with their blood to uphold the integrity of Nigeria are neglected; the politicians abandoned their pension payment. This has resulted in their death on a daily basis. Youth empowerments to these leaders of tomorrow are tricycles and motorcycles on hire purchase. Behind them, they will give out contracts to their loyalties to hunt the Okada rides and Keke Napep hire purchases they have collected. In other words, they are slaves to this contract. They are slaves in order to find their daily bread.”
According to the Punch, he also talked about the rate at which the Fulani herdsmen were raping Igbo women at gunpoint, saying South-East politician were doing nothing about it.
In his words read in parts, “Majority of this politician have tactically supported the grazing bill because they have cattle which these Fulani are rearing for them.
He added, “The worst of it is that the Fulani Herdsmen are raping the women of those communities at gunpoint. I want to tell them that if such continues in any of the communities in Igbo land, we shall hold these politicians responsible.”