Monday, 15 August 2016

The Creeks is Ours, We Dare you to Come get us There Niger Delta Avengers tells Nigerian Military

According to report, the Niger Delta Militants, popularly called the Niger Delta Avengers, on Sunday has warned the Niger Delta Elder and Stakeholders not to negotiate with Federal Government of Nigeria, saying that Nigeria President, Pres. Muhammadu Buhari is not to be trusted.
The Niger Delta Avengers also dared the Nigerian Military to a combat in the creeks which they claimed remained their ‘Hideout’, if the security agencies in the country were ready to arrest member of the group.
 According to the PUNCH, the Militants, in a statement issued on Sunday by its spokesman, Agbinibo Mudoch, denied all those said to have been arrested by the military in a manhunt for its members, especially those said to have been arrested by the Nigerian navy last week.
Reports has it that the Nigerian Navy on Saturday in Warri, Delta State, South-South Nigeria, paraded two suspected members of the Niger Delta Avengers, who confess to being behind a series of attacks on Chevron facilities between May and July this year.
In the statement read in Parts, The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) said, “To the elders of the Niger Delta, hope it is clear to you our elders that the Buhari-led administration is unreliable, unreasonable and irresponsible. Can you tell the world the government official you have been dialoguing with? Is it the president or is there any committee that is set up for it?
“We respect you our elders. As such, stop behaving, as if the Niger Delta is a sized region. Stop acting like you are begging the federal government of Nigeria for a dialogue. The worse the government will do is to bombard our villages and towns in the name of looking for NDA’s Members. So, our elders should be careful with the Nigerian government.”
According to source, the Niger Delta Avengers also stated that it was not afraid of the Nigerian military as it was very much prepared to defeat the uniform men whenever they challenge in battle.
In their words, they said, “Since we (NDA) started the struggle, none of our members has been arrested. All those in detention in the name of NDA are not NDA. We don’t know them or have any connection with them.

He added, “The suspects (Tonghan and Felix Miyenminiye) were paid five million naira to give Nigerian Military intelligence information on the activities of the NDA. The suspects’ failure to deliver led to their arrest. They were therefore tagged NDA members. What a shame?”