Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Bayero University Kano (BUK) 2016/2017 Direct Entry (DE) Application Form is Out

The Bayero University Kano is notifying the general public (those who applied for Direct Entry DE) that the sale of the 2016/2017 form is out.
The Bayero University, Kano also notify the public that the form is set to start 26th September and end 14th October 2016.
Candidates are strongly advised to adhere to the following payment procedure guidelines, as any deviation may result in delay or outright invalidation of your payment. Invalid payment results in invalid registration, which means no screening.
Step 1
Make sure you have
  • Login to your account
  • Upload your picture
  • Update your profile
  • Generate/print your BUK Personalised Payment Form (BUKPPF).
Registration fees are reflected on student's BUKPPF, to be paid using Remita e-Payments and e-Collection platform. Make sure you carefully read, understand and follow the payment procedure, as BUK will not be liable for any lost of funds as a result of incorrect data entry. Students must make sure that they entered ALL the information of the BUKPPFEXACTLY. Students must also ensure that
a.      Name of MDA
b.     Name of Service/Purpose
c.      Description
d.     Amount to Pay (₦)
e.      DE No.
f.       BUKPPF ID
g.      Payer's Full Name
h.     Payer's Email
i.        Payer's Phone
Are captured exactly as they are written on the BUKPPF. Note that Payer (Payer's Full Name, Payer's Email, Payer's Phone) means the student, so even if the student is not the one making the payment (payment by proxy) make sure to use the candidate's information. Any misinformation may lead to unnecessary delay in validating and processing of payment. Payments are usually validated and processed within 24/48 hours of making payment.
Step 2
With the information of Step 1(a) to 1(i) visit www.remita.net, you will be presented with the following:
Step 3
Select "Pay A Federal Government Agency":
Step 4
You will be presented with the Remita form:
Step 5
On the "Name of MDA" start typing Baye and a drop down will be shown, make sure you see BAYERO UNIVERSITY, KANO – 1000129 before clicking on it.
Step 6
After selecting Name of MDA as BAYERO UNIVERSITY, KANO – 1000129 a drop down box for the Name of Service/Purpose is shown as indicated in the figure below:
Step 7
Several Services/Purposes are in the drop down as shown below, make sure you select DE Screening
Step 8
After selecting DE Screening as the Name of Service/Purpose, next enter the Description. Make sure the Description matches exactly with the Description on your BUKPPF (Item 1(c) of Step 1 above):
Step 9
After entering the Description exactly as in your BUKPPF, make sure the Amount to Pay matches exactly with the Amount on your BUKPPF (Item 1(d) of Step 1 above):
Step 10
Next enter your DE No. Make sure the DE No. matches exactly with the DE No. your BUKPPF (Item 1(e) of Step 1 above):
Step 11
After entering the DE No. exactly as in your BUKPPF, next enter your BUKPPF ID. Make sure the BUKPPF ID matches exactly with the BUKPPF ID on your BUKPPF (Item 1(f) of Step 1 above):
Step 12
After entering the BUKPPF ID exactly as in your BUKPPF, next enter the Payer's Full Name. Make sure the Payer's Full Name matches exactly with the Payer's Full Name on your BUKPPF (Item 1(g) of Step 1 above):
Step 13
After entering the Payer's Full Name exactly as in your BUKPPF, next enter the Payer's Email. Make sure the Payer's Email matches exactly with the Payer's Email on your BUKPPF (Item 1(h) of Step 1 above):
Step 14
After entering the Payer's Email exactly as in your BUKPPF, next enter the Payer's Phone. Make sure the Payer's Phone matches exactly with the Payer's Phone on your BUKPPF (Item 1(i) of Step 1 above):
Step 15
Make sure all the information entered matches exactly with what is in your BUKPPF, any inconsistency may delay or invalidate your registration. After confirming all entries are correct click on Proceed to Payment Button
Step 16
Your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) is generated.
Step 17
You can click on “Print Invoice” to print your invoice.
Step 18
You can use any of the payment options as indicated below (make sure to use your RRR correctly):
Step 19
You are advised to print your Remita Invoice and compare the information with that of your BUKPPF and make sure that information on both are the same.