Saturday, 3 September 2016

The Level of Poverty is High and Unbearable for the Citizens of Nigeria - Mr. Nathaniel Apir Tells Pres. Buhari

The former aspirant of the 2015 governorship race in Benue State, under the umbrella of the All Progressive Congress APC, Mr. Nathaniel Apir has blamed President Muhammadu Buhari for the economic situation the country is currently facing.
He said that the level of poverty is high and unbearable for the citizens of Nigeria.
According to ThisDay, Mr. Nathaniel said that even though the president’s corruption fight was in order, he condemned the way and manner the president was going about it.
According to source, he made this statement while speaking to reporters in Makurdi in Benue state capital yesterday.
He said the presidents’ in action at the beginning of his tenure led to these crises.
He condemned the corruption fight by Pres. Buhari led administration which he said was a revenge and would not stand the test while also questioning why top civil servants and bankers were not being tried by anti-crime agencies.
In his words he said, “The fight is targeting the wrong people, politically exposed people are targeted while fraudulent civil servants and bankers are walking freely.
He added “The president has grounded the economy due to lack of clear cut economic policies. Till date we don’t have an economic team to form a good blue print that will take us out of the wood.
“The president commissioners in Benue lacked the pedigree and intellectual capability, they did not have the requisite skill to assist governor develop the state.

“Most of them were appointed for political patronage and this has stifled development of the state.”