Thursday, 1 September 2016

We Couldn't Negotiate with the Niger Delta Militants because they are Confused - FG

The Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has told Journalists in the Niger Delta that the Niger Delta Militants are confused.
According to Punch News, the NNPC said the confusion has made the government officials more cautious, as it has triggered ‘Serious Concern’ in the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources.
The corporation noted that the inability of the Militants to abide by the ceasefire agreement announced earlier in the month and the dissenting voices among the carious agitating groups had shown that there was confusion among them.
According to source, it was said when asked to state the Militants groups that the government was negotiating with, considering the fact that there had been different statements from various agitation in the region, the Group General manager, group Public Affairs Division, NNPC, Mr. Mohammed Garba Deen.
According to Punch News, Garba-Deen said, “There is no confusion on the part of the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources. If anybody is confused, it is the militants that are confused because they are disorganized. They have refused to organize themselves into one; instead they have NDA, MEND and many others.
He added, “So under this circumstance, the petroleum ministry is taking its time so that it does not negotiate with the wrong people. And that is not confusion. That is caution. The situation is causing concern and not confusion on our side, because we will like a situation where a credible and authentic group emerges.
“And whichever group emerges, it should have all the backing of those making agitations in the Niger Delta. So it is therefore important to state that we are not confused but cautious, because from all indications, the confusion is on the part of the militants from the region.”