Friday, 14 October 2016

Enugu State Government Promise to Replace old Street Lights

The Enugu state government has approved the sum of N122, 220, 000.00 for the procurement of 10-unit of 200KVA generator to replace the existing ones that are over seven years.
According to Vanguard News, the state government made this public that 6KVA and 150KVA generators currently in use were old, below the rated amperage and no longer sizeable because of installation of more street lights on the main roads, saying that most of the facilities that power the lights were being spoilt by hoodlums in the state.
According to source, the Senior Special Assistance to the Governor on Workers and Infrastructure, who is also in charge of maintenance of street lights, Hon. Obiora Tega Onyia noted that the present administration decided to procure new generators to ensure effective operation of street lights to enhance security of lives and property of the people in the state.
He (Hon. Onyia) disclosed that street lights were also being destroyed by reckless driving, which causes the government huge amount of money to repair despite the current economic challenges in Nigeria.
  Vanguard News said, while the Honorable was appealing to vandals to stop the vandalism of street light facilities, the state government called on the people of the state to be vigilant and report any person found or suspected to be tempering with the facilities to the appropriate authorities for necessary action.

The Honorable also made a promise of the commitment the present administration have towards the problem of street lights and assured the state of a better work.