Thursday, 3 November 2016

Kaduna Polytechnic Release Names of Expeled Students

The Academic Board at its meetings of 26th and 27th October, 2016, considered reports on examination malpractice and certificate verifications and approved as follows:
S/No. Reg. No.                  Name                                                Programme
1. CBMS/2013/7921     Omotayo Alaba Owoeye            400L Business Admin & Mgt.
2. CBMS/2015/11281 Abdulrazak Abdullahi                100L Business Admin & Mgt.
3. CBMS/13/8369          Salami Ametu Bernard              400L Business Admin & Mgt.
4. CBMS/2013/7749     Amina Garba                               400L Business Admin & Mgt.
5. CBMS/2013/8702     Yahaya Wakili                               200L Business Admin & Mgt.
6. CBMS/2013/7568     Martins Shomver Aondofa       200L Office Tech. & Mgt.
7. CBMS/2015/11557 Sumaya Ibrahim                           100L Office Tech. & Mgt.
8. CBMS/2013/8580     Enock Yohanna                             200L Office Tech. & Mgt.
9. CBMS/EV/2013/7476 James Godwin                           400L Accountancy
10. CBMS/EV/2015/12836 Peter Henry Asemokha    300L Human Res. Mgt.
11. CST/EV/2013/7745          Fareeda Abdulsalam       200L Computer Science
12. CST/EV/2015/10665 Isyaku Yahaya Yakubu         100L Computer Science
13. CST/2013/6343 Grace Suchet Aruwan                      200L Nutrition & Dietetics
14. CST/2015/09214 Eunice Obagunle                             100L Food Technology
15. CST/2015/09107    Sa’ad Ahmad                                 100L Computer Science
16. CST/2013/7280      Apollos Wisdom Falos              200L Computer Science
17. CST/2013/6071      Fatima Abdullahi Aliyu              200L Computer Science
18. CST/2013/7189      Caleb Joseph                                 200L Computer Science
19. CST/2013/7081      Hauwa’u Abdullahi Aliyu          200L Computer Science
20. CST/2015/8621      Abubakar Mohammed Chubado 100L Textile Technology
21. CST/2015/9856      Fatima Ibrahim                        100L Science Laboratory Tech.
22. CST/2015/8492      Moses Agbo                               300L Science Laboratory Tech.
23. CST/2010/2254 Mercy Bulus                                    200L Food Technology
24. CST/2010/2243 Gift Ene Ameh                                200L Food Technology
25. CASSS/EV/15/09008 Blessing Joseph                   100L Mass Communication
26. CASSS/EV/15/09040 Rahinat Muhammed              100L Mass Communication
27. CASSS/15/07625 Catherine Yaroson Ayuba             100L Mass Communication
28. CASSS/13/5636 Solomon Musa                                  400L Public Administration
29. CASSS/15/6801 Tessy Blessing Danazumi          300L Library & Information Sc.
30. CASSS/15/07623 Victor Abednego Bivan                 100L Mass Communication
31. CASSS/13/5776 Josephine Niebet Kwaptel              400L Mass Communication
32. CASSS/13/5664 Blessing Yohanna                       400L Local Government Studies
33. CASSS/13/6234 Lucy Emmanuel Ogeyi              200L Library & Information Sc.
34. CASSS/13/4727 Abubakar Bashir                       200L Local Government Studies
35. CASSS/13/6147 Bashir Hassan                           200L Local Government Studies
36. CASSS/13/4759 Abdulmumin Abdullahi                  200L Public Administration
37. COE/EV/15/8677 Dauda Emmanuel                          100L Civil Engineering
38. COE/EV/15/8708 Musa Ya’u Abubakar                     100L Civil Engineering
39. COE/EV/13/6111 Taiwo Kayode                             200L Electrical & Elect. Eng’g
40. COE/EV/13/6115Abdulrahman Zakari Chawai -200L Mineral & Pet. Res. Eng’g
41. COE/EV/15/8527 Idorenyin Samuel Eshiet               200L Mechanical Eng’g
42. COE/EV/15/8840 Ayuba Richard Anthony                100L Mechanical Eng’g
43. COE/EV/15/8484 Alagbogu Shedrack                          300L Mechanical Eng’g
44. COE/15/8112 Umar Ibrahim                                          100L Min. & Pet. Res. Eng’g
45. COE/12/3480 Nuhu Abdulnafiu                                    100L Min. & Pet. Res. Eng’g
46. COE/13/4937 Sagir Mohammed                                   200L Min. & Pet. Res. Eng’g
47. COE/15/7590 Shittu Ridwan Ashifa                            100L Civil Engineering
48. COE/15/7598 Shefiu Hamza Kehinde                          100L Civil Engineering
49. COE/15/76899 Usomhinose Paul Aikpokpo            300L Geological Engineering
50. COE/15/7634 Felix Sunday                                            100L Computer Engineering
51. COE/12/3575 Muhammad Murtala Nasiru          200L Mechanical Engineering
52. COE/15/7900 Michael Maduabuchi Nwaogu         200L Electrical & Elect. Eng’g
53. COE/13/4825 Abdullahi Usman Lapai                     200L Electrical & Elect. Eng’g
54. COE/13/4632 Abubakar Muhammad Yusuf          200L Electrical & Elect. Eng’g
55. COE/15/6627 Obetule Gideon                                     200L Civil Engineering
56. COE/13/5943 Suleiman Abubakar                             200L Civil Engineering
57. COE/15/6401 Lucky Okolie                                         300L Chemical Engineering
58. COE/13/5567 Sunday Emmanuel                          400L Electrical & Elect. Eng’g
59. COE/13/5367 Ibrahim Shehu                                 400L Mechanical Eng’g (Plant)
60. CES/15/04272 Maryam Abdulrahman Pate              300L Estate Management
61. CES/EV/13/3994 Usman Umar Sanda                       300L Estate Management
62. CES/15/4664 Torkuma Joseph Dzege                        100L Building
63. CES/13/3245 Nuhu Aneat Nkom                                 200L Building
64. CES/13/3109 Emmanuel Ochigbo Ochigbo             200L Building
65. CES/15/4311 Kasim Isah                                             300L Estate Management
66. CES/13/3873 Abbas Tanimu Gidigo               200L Surveying & Geoinformatics
67. CES/15/5201 Abraham Monday James              100L Photogrammetry & RS
68. CES/15/5015 Hafsat Abubakar Bala                    100L Env. & Ind. Safety Tech
S/No. Reg. No. Name Programme
i. COE/EV/15/8788 Yusuf Adamu Saminu                           100L Civil Engineering
ii. COE/EV/15/8836 Shalon Precious Joseph                      100L Mechanical Eng’g
iii. CES/15/04994 Ibrahim Suleiman                              100L Env. & Ind. Safety Tech.
S/No. Reg. No. Name Programme
i. COE/12/3252 Ibaku Stanley Ogade                               400L Chemical Eng’g (Plant)
S/No. Reg. No. Name Programme
i. COE/12/3137 Mohammed Ohinoyi Musa                         400L Elect. & Elect. Eng’g
S/No. Reg. No. Name Programme
i. CST/13/6329 Hafsat Abdulmalik                                300L Hospitality Management
Above is for your information and necessary action, please.
Abdulkadir B. Abba
For: Registrar
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Kaduna Polytechnic,
Above is for your information and necessary action, please.
Abdulkadir B. Abba

For: Registrar.