Wednesday, 4 January 2017

[Sponsored Post] Why Is Education Important by Gift Amadi

Why is education important?
Education is one of the most important parts of human existence as without it we would still be living ignorantly in the stone ages. It has played a major role in elevating man from the stronghold of backwardness and stagnation also education is the key to lifting families out of poverty.
Today I have highlighted some important facts and benefits that would be derived from quality education and being educated.
Long-term gains
The long-term economic, social and personal gains from education are proven – for individuals, families, communities and the development of a nation.
To achieve this there must be a minimum standard of education and sufficient levels of literacy, numeracy and life skills to enable people to lift them out of absolute poverty.
Facts about education
Education reduces poverty
Each year someone spends in school accounts for a 10% increase in their potential earnings. Four years in primary school can boost a farmer’s productivity by nearly nine percent. How? It’s simple the farmer would employ a more professional look on his profession using modern and mechanized farming inputs.
Education reduces malnutrition 
The expansion of women’s education since 1990 accounts for a reduction of 902,799 child deaths. Women’s education is also proven to reduce child stunting, as they say ignorance is a disease, education helps young mothers know the kind of nutrition to give the young child to achieve balance diet, thus reducing malnutrition.
Education improves health
A good education reduces people's vulnerability to HIV and AIDS as awareness would be thought in lecture halls and proper preventive measures would be exposed to the learner.
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Guest Post By: Gift Amadi
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