Signs to look for in a relationship to know if she's for you

People tends to rush in new relationships without even sitting back to know what they are getting into. Perhaps it's because of loneliness and being single for years or other underlying factors.

If a woman is not after your heart in a relationship, there are signals that would show and she would fall into these category;

A lady that is deceiving you in a relationship, Will demand gifts or money confidently from you early in a relationship. She would feel a sense of entitlement. For instance, a 21st century lady who is not into you is likely to ask you for data sub very frequently or money to solve some non-existent problem she had before meeting you. 

That is, when it is obvious you are rich. This category of woman are not “shy” to demand from you. A lady cannot love you without getting shy to demand from you.

Some might be bold enough to even make you question your sense of giving and end up leaving you with guilt as if you are stingy. 

Once you start observing all these, just know that she might not really be into you for love but maybe for your money. 

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