Sunday Update On Age Is Just A Number

Vaidika calls Karan who brings Panday to the police station. Bari Amma
was shocked to see him. Karan hands the proof and video clip to
inspector. The inspector grabs Panday’s collar and slaps him for this lie.

Bari Amma also slaps Panday. Sahil asks Vaidika if she is fine, he would
kill Panday if he even dared touch her. Vaidika requests Sahil to calm
down, everyone is fine. At least Panday spoke the truth. Sahil thanks her
for her support and trust. There are many who still consider him a
criminal and suggests him to compromise. Anjana asks if Sahil can be

The inspector says not until Nidhi withdraws the case.
Nidhi was happy to back home in her air conditioned room. She doesn’t
care for Sahil’s stubbornness at all. Her mother was still worried that
none of their tricks effected Sahil. Nidhi gets a call from Karan. She was
curt over Vaidika to save Sahil, and tensed that now even police would
be suspicious of her.
Anjana walks out of police station angry at Nidhi for speaking false
against Sahil. Vaidika says it seems she is thinking wrong about Nidhi.
Anjana forbids Vaidika direct her thinking. Vaidika says this way Sahil
may even get away from Nidhi. May be they were fighting and Nidhi
thought Sahil really pushed her down during a fight. After all Nidhi also
loves Sahil. Anjana says Vaidika’s good is her son’s enemy; he had to fall
in love with her because she is worth it.
In the police station, Nidhi accepts that she filed the statement by
mistake only. They had an argument and when she woke up in hospital
she could only recall Sahil shouting at her and then she had fallen. She
signs the withdrawal letter. Sahil walks out of the lockup and signs the
papers. The inspector warns Sahil not to attempt and hit anyone with a
uniform. Sahil walks straight to Vaidika and holds her hand, thanking
her. Bari Amma turns to fume once again. Sahil says he is sure Vaidika
will always be with him no matter everyone goes against him. Vaidika
replies she will always be with the right.
Bari Amma, Puneesh and Nidhi walk out of the station.
Prachi and Anjana sat with a Pandit ji. Prachi tells Anjana he is a
renowned Pandit, she has invited for Sahil. Anjana asks for a remedy as
Sahil is facing much trouble in life. She shows Sahil’s birth chart to him.
Pandit reads the birth chart and says it’s a trouble time for Sahil, there
is a ‘Kaal Dosh’ and he may lose his life as well.
Sahil throws Nidhi’s luggage out of the house dragging her as well.
Vaidika stops Sahil from his misbehavior, this all happened earlier
because of his anger. One of his qualities is that he respects women,
and if Sahil continues this misbehavior he would lose this respect in her
eyes. Half of this house belongs to her as well and she won’t let Nidhi
The Pandit further reads they must do a special pooja for Sahil. It’s
important that Sahil’s wife participate in the pooja with him. Bari Amma
tells Prachi to call Sahil and Nidhi to be here. Pandit ji asks if her name is
Nidhi. It’s good, she will provide a protecting shield to Sahil. Sahil has
been pulled out of many troubles in past because of her as well, she will
continue to shield him in future as well. She must be elder than Sahil in
age, but the couple is Radha Krishna. 

Bari Amma asks what rubbish is
this. Pandit says this is Sahil’s birth chart, his wife must be older than
Sahil. Bari Amma says Sahil’s wife is of his age and tells him to focus on
his pooja only. She knows who must sit with Sahil. 

Prachi asks Pandit ji
a list for all needs of pooja. Anjana asks Pandit ji if it’s important that
the older woman sits in pooja. Pandit ji says it would be her decision if
she wants to risk her son’s life.
It was morning. Vaidika was folding clothes in the yard when Sahil
comes out of washroom. He offers his help to Vaidika in folding the
saree and walks closer to her with each fold. He shares a dream with
Vaidika. He was falling off a valley but she came to save him. He says
this isn’t only a dream, it’s the reality as well. She must be used to
saving his life by now. They share an eye lock.
It was morning. Bari Amma was making arrangements for pooja. Anjana
comes to her room and says she was sleepless whole night. As Pandit
said, pooja would be incomplete without Vaidika. Bari Amma insists they
have to protect Sahil from that Vaidika first. Anjana says it’s about
Sahil’s life, then why not bring Vaidika to pooja. Bari Amma wasn’t
convinced and says Sahil would never return to this house if Vaidika once
sit in the pooja. Deepak was passing by and wonders whom Bari Amma
scolding is. Anjana repeats Pandit ji’s words that it’s important for an
elder woman to sit in pooja with Sahil. Bari Amma says only Nidhi would
sit in pooja with Sahil today, Anjana must only think about a way to
bring Sahil here. After Bari Amma has left the room, Anjana was
determined to bring Vaidika home. After all she is Sahil’s shield.
At Vaidika’s house, Sahil was happy to hear Aarya’s wish to learn dance.
He assures his friend will teach her each form of dancing. Aarya goes to
change and leave with Sahil. Anjana opens the door of the house. 

She wipes her tears watching Sahil sit in the yard and walks towards him.
Sahil was happy to see her, both hug each other. Sahil asks why is she
crying, if she came to confirm he went to jail or not? Anjana asks him to
come home. Sahil says this is his house. Anjana requests him to come to
Agarwal house, they have kept a pooja there for him. Sahil denies
coming to Agarwal house. Anjana says it’s the first time she has
demanded something, can’t he give this favor to her. Sahil says he
doesn’t accept this pooja. Anjana argues she does. Sahil wasn’t ready
to come to that house. Nidhi comes downstairs and takes her blessings,
she asks why she didn’t inform her before coming. Sahil asks if she had
prepared Halwa poori for her. Aarya comes outside by then, Sahil tells
her to serve good tea to his mother and leaves with Aarya himself. Nidhi
promises Anjana to bring Sahil to Agarwal house. Vaidika also comes
outside. Anjana joins her hands for a help from Vaidika. She says Pandit
told then about a Kaal Surp in Sahil’s birth chart. They have kept a
pooja for him, he won’t deny coming over if Vaidika helps her. 

was speechless as Anjana pleaded and cried.
Sahil brings Aarya to a disco. A young man danced there, he was excited
to see Sahil and questions about his beard. They guy asks Sahil who is
important in Aarya’s life than him? Sahil introduces Mohid to Aarya. They
shake hands with each other. Sahil asks Mohid to teach Aarya dancing.
He agrees.
Deepak bribes a man on the way Sahil’s car would move. 

He wanted a revolt between Anjana and Bari Amma.
Sahil walks into the house and slips from stairs. Vaidika holds him out
of care. He stares at her for the concern. Vaidika convinces Sahil for
accepting his mother’s wish. Sahil says there is a lot common about his
mother and Vaidika He won’t anyway die by slipping a stair only.
Vaidika doesn’t let him complete his sentence. Sahil smiles. Vaidika
insists that his mother is concerned for him, what he doesn’t go there
once. Sahil decisively says that no one there understands his point of
view and betrayed him, he won’t go to that house.
At Agarwal house, Anjana was worried if Vaidika would be able to
convince Sahil and goes to confirm it.
On the way, Sahil calls Karan that Vaidika was emotionally fooled by
Anjana. He is now coming to Karan’s house. There, Deepak watches
Sahil’s auto and whistles. The man places a wooden rod implanted with
nails on the road.
Vaidika informs Anjana that Sahil isn’t home. Anjana was worried about
his well-being. Vaidika calls Sahil but he didn’t pick the call. Sahil’s auto
climbs over the wooden piece, the tyres were inflated. Sahil fell over
from auto to a heap of bricks, hitting his head.
During the pooja, Anjana was tensed as the flame wouldn’t light. Pandit
ji says he already warned Bari Amma that it can be catastrophic if
Vaidika doesn’t sit in pooja. Anjana gets a call and runs out of the
Deepak plans that Anjana would now convince Vaidika to attend the
pooja. This would infuriate Bari Amma.

Anjana and Vaidika reach the place where Deepak sat with Sahil’s head in
his lap. Vaidika sprinkles water over his face. Anjana was concerned
about Sahil and drags him home. She insists on Sahil and places his hand
over her head to swear he would come to pooja and sit in pooja with his
wife. Sahil wasn’t ready to sit with Nidhi. Anjana announces Sahil will sit
with Vaidika.

Vaidika wasn’t ready to sit in pooja as a wife only sits there. Anjana
says she only understands what she can see. Sahil has suffered a lot in
the past few months, and today there is a Kaal Surp over him. She
requests Vaidika to come along. Anjana fells into Vaidika’s feet; she asks
Sahil to speak to his mother. 

Anjana says Vaidika has always shielded
Sahil, even today she must have saved Sahil if she couldn’t reach. Right
now, she only holds Sahil’s life important and doesn’t care about any
other relation. Vaidika was still not ready. Anjana asks what if Aarya
was in trouble, she must have also done the same and pleads in front of
Vaidika. Sahil was now hurt and stops Anjana. Vaidika complains that
they always make her do whatever they wish for; why should she
continue help them. She tells Sahil to do whatever he wish for, she would
not sit with him. Deepak thinks Vaidika must let her principles rot, Sahil
may die this time. Sahil tells Anjana to go home, he will be fine. He can’t
sit with Nidhi for Pooja, and respects Vaidika’s thinking.
Vaidika walks down the street thinking about Anjana’s respect. She has
a vision of herself questioning why she put Sahil’s life in danger. Sahil
has always fought with her against the world and people, can’t she sit
in pooja for him? Another self tells Vaidika she can’t take Sahil’s wife’s
place; she has also helped Sahil by saving him from Gautham and has
been there whenever Sahil needed her. Sitting in pooja is a different
matter. The first being asks Vaidika what if Anjana’s fears are true,
would she put his life at stake. 

Sahil won’t sit in pooja if she doesn’t go
with him. Vaidika was tensed and cries out of confusion.
At Agarwal house, Anjana returns home crying badly. She tells Pandit ji
and family that he won’t come, a mother was defeated today. She is
helpless in front of her son. Pandit ji announces this pooja won’t happen
if Sahil doesn’t come; and if this pooja doesn’t take place they must be
ready to conduct Sahil’s funeral. Anjana requests Pandit ji to suggest
another remedy. Soon there are stormy breeze into the house, Sahil
comes home with Vaidika. Anjana was elated to see them, Gauri also
smiles. Prachi was bringing a plate and the sindoor spills over the floor.
Anjana hurries the Pandit ji to begin the pooja, and comes to take
Vaidika and Sahil into the house. Vaidika walks over the sindoor leaving
red marks on floor. Deepak was fascinated by the arrangements of
universe. Bari Amma stops Vaidika and questions how she dare cross the
door of her house. She attempts to push Vaidika outside but Anjana
holds her hand. Bari Amma questions if Anjana would dare stop her hand
and was about to slap her. This time Vaidika holds Bari Amma’s hand in
mid-air. She says a mother can’t punish another mother to protect her
son, she is also a mother and realize their love for Sahil. Deepak enjoyed
the drama. Anjana says this time Bari Amma must not be stubborn, they
have always heard for her in the house. She must let Vaidika sit with
Sahil in the pooja. Sahil says if it’s his fate, they must let him die. Bari
Amma questions how Vaidika is rightful to sit in pooja. Anjana says it’s
the need. Nidhi comes to ask how they can lend her right to Vaidika and
deters to kill herself otherwise. Everyone was shocked to hear this.
Sahil eyes Nidhi closely as she pours kerosene over herself and burns a
matchstick. Sahil forbids him to finish this circus. Vaidika runs to Nidhi
and snatches the matchstick. She assures Nidhi she would never take her
place in Sahil’s life. Bari Amma tells Anjana she won’t become a part of
this pooja if Vaidika stays here. Anjana was indifferent and says it’s
about Sahil’s life, Bari Amma must only give her blessings. Bari Amma
was taken aback, then leaves the hall. Anjana takes everyone to the
pooja and calls Vaidika to come along. Sahil teases Vaidika if she
doesn’t have to save her husband’s life?

Nidhi comes to Bari Amma in the room and cries saying she came to this
house only because of Bari Amma’s support. Today Vaidika sit in the
pooja with Sahil and Bari Amma was helpless. Bari Amma was intrigued.
Nidhi says Vaidika always wanted to take her place in Sahil’s life, and
only poses to be innocent. It has all been possible because of Anjana,
she has changed her side to Vaidika and Sahil. Vaidika won over her
today. Bari Amma was furious at her words.

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