Sunday Update On Lies Of The Heart (RERUN) June 21, 2020

*Please note that this update also contains Saturday updates, we are
trying to catch up with the episode.
Sushma and her husband are tensed and disturbed when they find out
what samrat is planning to do. 

Urmi however sees through samrat’s
plan, and tells them that this is his vicious new move, to try and scare
her to get back in his life, and have what he is trying so desperately, but
she isnt falling in the trap.

Sushma and her husband are shocked as to what lengths a man like
samrat can drop down too. They onder whether he wpuld ever realise
that he is deteriorating by the day.
Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat gets a cheque from the bank, of 50 lakhs, and is overjoyed
along with the family. Mandira and Shaurya decide to irritate samrat.
Shaurya takes the cheque and makes samrat run behind him, until they
finally reach the terrace. 

As samrat thinks that he is about to win,
shaurya throws the cheque much to his horror, down the roof, and in
the gutter. Samrat gets angry when he finds his improtant, expensive
cheque, crushed and crumpled and turned into a dirty paper, and starts
venting out his frustration for shaurya. Samrat gets angry at shashi
too, for not being able to control a small kid.
Samrat is frustrated, and threatens shaurya to never repeat something
like this again. Shaurya tells samrat that if he so fed up, then they
should think about giving him back to urmi. all are shocked. Shashi tells
samrat that he was intentionally doing all this to scare him, and irritate
him so much so, that they send him back to urmi. Samrat is shocked.
Samrat shockingly asks shaurya that he was playing these games all
along with him. Samrat is about to hit shaurya, when aditi and the
other ladies stop him, and ask mandira to take shaurya away, while
samrat is frustrated that he is trying to be oversmart. Rudra and others
are tensed.
Upstairs, mandira and shaurya are scared that their plan didnt quiet
work well. They are sad and tensed. Shaurya is upset.
Location: On the road
urmi takes an appointment with a laywre who agrees to take her case.
she thanks him and moves out. On the road, Urmi waits for the auto,
when she finds granny and gaurav passing by, in the car. she hollers at
them, and gaurav stops. Granny reminds him of his promise to devi, and
asks him to keep driving. Gaurav resignedly agrees. He drives off, while
urmi is shocked.
Scene 4:
Location: Annu’s residence
All are concerned, as to when devi shall start responding. Granny starts
lamenting that she cant see her son like this. Saroj and gaurav shut her
up, and she again gets to blaming them, that this is how they used to
shut devi and turned him to paralysis. granny blames them all, and urmi.
She starts crying, while gaurav says that he agrees that devi is angry
for urmi, but urmi has no crime to be blamed for. Granny says that they
just care for urmi, and not for devi. Asha continues with her nonsense,
while granny is frustrated. they hush asha up, but she is determined in
her mind, to try out her own way to get devi out of the paralysis.
Scene 5:
Location: Samrat’s residence
As samrat is talking to somneone on the phone, he is super happy to
find that urmi is coming inside the house, and thinks that the second
marriage worked like a charm, and that she must have been so tensed
since yesterday. He comes and starts taunting her that she finally did
return. Urmi tries to speak, but he shuts her down. samrat says that he
knows what she wants to say, and starts saying that now she is trying
to salvage the situation. urmi eyes him sternly. samrat says that he
doesnt want to listen to her say sorry, but she would have to come in
this torturous jail for him to be able to bear her and sustain the relation.
Urmi tries to speak, but he again shuts her. samrat says that such
historic statements need witnesses, and decides to call everyone, for her
confession. urmi stands resignedly, shocked that a man could be full of
such ego and machoism. All the family gathers and eye her tensedly.
Shashi is shocked too. samrat says evilly that she had to come, just as
he suspected, to beg him to take her back, and forgive her, and not do
this grave injustice to her and her son. he says that he wont forgive her,
but this house shall be her captivity. He asks her to go ahead with her
confession, as its enjoyable to hear apology out this egoist woman. He
asks urmi to speak.
She then calls the lawyer to come in, surprising samrat and the family.
samrat smirkingly asks if she wants to apologise through the lawyer. He
asks the lawyer to say whats to be done. the lawyer says thgat samrat
has received a notice from the court. As he takes it, samrat is shocked.
Kanchan asks samrat to tell them too what the paper says. samrat is
stunned as he is handed with divorce papers by urmi’s lawyers. All others
are shocked too.
Samrat is shocked to receive a divorce notice from urmi. Shashi starts
reprimanding urmi as usual. Rudra too asks what does she want. samrat
asks whats all this. urmi tells him that this is for his good only, as he
wont be able to marry again, till he divorces her officially first. shashi is
left speechless at that. Samrat asks her not to be oversmart. she asks
him to stop being smart, and that she isnt in the same league that he
is, and that she is not like him, and doesnt play with their own people.
she says that their marriage is broken, and if by calling it a name,
things can get better, then why not so. shashi starts lamenting. samrat
asks her to stay in her limits, and not cross her limits.
She asks him not to scream, stoically, and that she doesnt have
anything to do with him, if shaurya wasnt in the frame. samrat asks if
she would be able to get shaurya. Just then, shaurya rushes down, and
hugs urmi, and she too hugs him back. She too is happy and hugs him
tight. Shaurya screams that he shall go with urmi. urmi tells him that he
has got the notice, and now noone can stop her from taking shaurya.
Urmi says that she had told him that she would get shaurya to her
forever. Samrat is about to take her hand off from shaurya, when the
lawyer instructs samrat that he cant do this, by law. Samrat waives it
off too, while the lawyer says that the notice has been given that
shaurya shall stay with her. samrat is still egoist, and rudra asks him to
let go now. the lawyer says that he has no other option. rudra tells her
that this is a big step, and she should think again. urmi says that this
is after much deliberation, and that samrat has forced her to take this
She takes shaurya and then eyeing samrat stoically, she turns around
and leaves. All are tensed. samrat shouts at her that there’s noone in
the world, who can get samrat to divorce her, and she shall see who can
divorce him from urmi. samrat is enraged while urmi leaves.
Location: Sushma’s residence
all are super happy with shaurya’s arrival, and ensure shaurya that they
wont let him be bored. shaureya asks urmi to pack, and go far away.
urmi asks why. He expresses his scare that samrat shall take him
forcibly and shall beat him profusely. Urmi is shocked. She asks him if
samrat did so. when shaurya complies, she is stunned, and loves and
hugs him, apologising and that she wont let it happen to him again. She
hugs him, saying that she wont ever let him go back to samrat again.
sushma and her husband are tensed, but they too assure shaurya and
then continue to distract him. urmi and sushma are left, both tensed.
Sushma says that shaurya isnt wrong in being scared, as after the
divorce notice, samrat would be ain a fury, and shall bother them more,
and now she has an added responsibility in the womb. Urmi says that
she knows that she has a long way ahead. She says that samrat has
told he would ensure that she doesnt win. She says that for shaurya and
the unborn’s happy future, she would give it all to fight and wont accept
defeat at any cost.
As samrat tells the lawyer, that he isnt more concerned for his win, but
is more adamant on urmi’s pathetic loss, that shocks her to the core.
the lawyer compliments him on his focus, and that he should also know
what they cant let the enemy have, and that a person should know what
he doesnt have or want, along with what he has and have. samrat starts
venting out his frustration at his wife, while the lawyer assures him,
that he has never once lost a case, and thats his passion. samrat says
thats why he came here and he cant even take one percent chance, and
that he cant divorce his wife.
The lawyer is confused and asks if he still loves his wife. samrat mocks
the question and says that he just loves himself, and that urmi wants a
divorce so that she is rid of him and gets shaurya, and he doesnt want
her to have both the luxuries. The lawyer asks if they stay separate.
Samrat complies. the lawyer says that there wont be a case, when both
the parties dont mutually agree and after some years by default, it
would be passed, and till the time the divorce doesnt happen, the child
shall be with the mother. samrat is frustrated.
the lawyer says that its the law, and by default, till the divorce doesnt
happen, he cant fight the custody of the child. Samrat refuses to budge.
The lawyer says that then he would have to agree to the divorce, and
that means both the parties mutually agree, then he would fight his
divorce case and the custody case together, and as he has a winning
streak, he wont let the costidfy of the child slip away. Samrat is left to
think what to do. he is tensed.
Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Urmi talks to the grocer for his cake ingredients, and then comes out,
and is surprised to find samrat’s car slamming open in front of her. he
gets a paper out, and after having mocked her, he hands her some
papers just as she is about to leave, saying that he did sign her divorce
papers. she is stunned as to how it could be so easy, and knows that
there’s definitely some angle for him, to do it. He asks her why is she so
surprised, amd if she thought that he was dying to be with her, and
that he wont sign off the divorce papers. He mocks her for
misunderstanding his revenge for his want for her.
Samrat says that he everyday purchases women like her, at a very cheap
rate, from the market. She is insulted and utterly shocked at his callous
statements. She says that the girls he buys arent the women that she
is, but women like her face him. samrat asks her to be in her limits, as
he wasnt pining for her, but wanted to make her life hell, and even if she
closed that door, she opened another one, and that her world shall be
ruined and torn apart, and that when he fights the case, he shall see
that she would be a beggar, and her son would go with samrat, and
never with her, and that no lawyer shall be able to get her to win over
the custody of shaurya and officially states the war is actually
beginning now, and that he would end the war, and with it, he would
end her, or else he wont be his father’s son.
He would see to it, that she turns a beggar, and set a role model for
women empowerment females like her, so that no woman again tries to
raise voice against her husband. He gets in the car and drives off. She is
left stunned and distraught.
As the evening sets in, she starts walking in a daze, unaffected and
oblivious of the traffic, as samrat’s voice rings in her head, threatening
her, and shaurya’s scare bothering her. She is about to get hit by a car,
when a person jerks her towards him, to save her from an oncoming
speedy car. she is shocked, as she is thrown in that person’s arms,
rendered unconscious. Ishaan is shocked as he is unable to get urmi out
of consciousness. he carries her in his arms. The screen freezes on
Ishaan’s face as he looks at urmi, who is unconscious in his arms.
Ishaan is tensed, when the nurse comes in asking him to fulfill the
formalities, for the discharge and he fills the form, and then pay the
fees. He leaves, having signed. When the head nurse finds the form half
filled, without mentionaing the relationship status, between them, they
assume that its must be the husband and jot it down.
In the ward, urmi wakes up, asking if the child is okay. The doctor tells
her that her BP was high due to stress and tension. Urmi remembers
samrat’s threats and gets tensed again. She remembers shaurya’s sweet
talks. the doctor asks her to do certain things that a pregnant lady
should take care of. Urmi asks how she came here. the doctor informs
her that a noble person got her here and also padi for her treatment.
Urmi wonders who is it, and expresses her desire to meet him. the
doctor says that she would just send him in, and asks her to take care
of herself.
Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat gathers everyone to talk to them about something. all are
baffled and wait. Samrat tells his family that he has finally reached a
turning point in his life, that would completely turn things around. Aditi
asks whats the matter and whats he talking about. samrat says that he
is finally giving urmi divorce, just to trap her all the more. Shashi is
amused while all others are shocked. Kanchan says that technically he is
person who received the divorce papers, and didnt give it to them.
samrat asks if that girl has the limits and the status to give him divorce
and that now he would give her the divorce. Samrat asks her to shut up,
while shashi too instigates her, and asks her to stay quiet. she excitedly
asks him if he would not go back on his word. He says that he wouldnt
as he isnt like her. He says that she doesnt realise that a woman is a
use and throw thing. Shashi is very happy that samrat finally did what
she wanted.
Samrat says that he would ruin her. rudra asks if they both have decided
to separate, then why make ugly. Aditi and kanchanm too try to point it
out, but shashi and samrat are adamant. Aditi says that it would ruin
his own reputation too. Samrat says that he has already been maligned,
and that she would hev to be sacrificed with her respect and ego, to be
able to divorce papers, and that her whole life shall be immersed in
counting the ruins that he caused her. Kanchan starts saying that in
divorce, woman always demands high maintenance for the child and
maybe she ends up causing the trouble. Samrat says that he shall get
shaurya’s custody and wont give urmi anything, and that she would need
tolerance and poison after some days. shashi is very happy and blesses
him, while aditi and kanchan are shocked.
Scene 3:
Location: Sushma’s residence and Hospital
Sushma and her husband are tensed as they try to comfort shaurya,
while he keeps cribbing for urmi. Shaurya gets tensed too. Sushma tries
to distract him, while both are tensed for urmi. Sushma finds that the
phone is still switched off. Her husband tries to distract him, with
firecrackers, and it works. as shaurya goes to get them, they are very
tensed for urmi. They wonder why hasnt she returned yet, and lament if
samrat hasnt done anything.
In her ward, Urmi wakes up to find many calls and immediately receives
sushma’s call, hurriedly, and doesnt bother her by telling her that she is
in the hospital, as sushma was sounding extremely tired as it is. She
tells her that she would be home back soon. ishaan finds urmi, talking
from the windshades. The nurse asks him to get the meds, and comforts
him that she is completely fine. Urmi asks about shaurya and is told
that he is alright, and misses him badly. Urmi says that she would come
soon, and asks her not to be bothered. From the nurse, Urmi gets to
know that the person has gone to get meds for her and has already
paid the bills. urmi is surprised and says that she would go there and
meet him, as he is getting late. Meanwhile, ishaan takes the meds and
moves towards urmi’s ward. urmi too rushes out.
As ishaan gets busy trying to receive a call, urmi walks by, without
anyone noticing the other. urmi goes and doesnt find the person there.
She wonders how can she go without saying thanks, and that she didnt
even ask the name, and wonders how to look for him. She decides to go
back to the ward, but again gets shaurya’s call, who’s crying saying
that he is missing her badly, while sushma tries to calm him down. He
threatens that he would run and come to her again, and all attempts
from their side going in vain. urmi promises that she is just coming. She
gets tensed. She thinks that she would find the name, number later on,
and should prioritise going to shaurya first. In her ward, Ishaan says
that he has her meds and everything, when the nurse relates where urmi
went and why. ishaan rushes out after her, barely missing her by the
inch, and then following her outside.
As urmi is storming out, ishaan hollers at her from behind. She is
shocked and turns around and is stunned to find herself confronted by
ishaan. she asks him how come he is here. He gives her the precription
and the meds, while she takes them, still disbelieving that he is here. He
casually starts saying that she was behaving very reckless on the road.
Urmi remembers asking ishaan, on her marriage day, if samrat is a nice
man to spend her life with, and ishaan had told her that samrat is a
nice man. Ishaan says that its good that he came at the right time, or
anything could have happened. urmi says that anything could have
happened, why does he care, as he had left her stranded years, in a
similar manner.
Location: Hospital
Urmi laments and reprimands him, that ishaan ruined her life, as he lied
when she asked him the most important question of her life. Ishaan tells
her to atleast give him a chance to explain, but urmi vents out her angst
and frustration at him, asking how could he so callously ruin her life,
when he very well knew what she was getting into, when she married
samrat. He tries to make her stop, but she doesn listen to him. Urmi tells
him that she has left samrat and every relation long back, and
particularly she doesnt want to look at his face, as samrat atleast did it
in front of everyone, but what did he do, he did his enemity, by masking
himself in innocence and simplicity. He tries to speak, but she says that
she hates people like him, and never wants to see him ever again. He is
hurt and shocked. urmi storms out.
Location: Samrat’s residence
Shashi finds a girl coming in, and reprimands her to be a thief. The girl
tries to explain, but she starts wrenching her by the hand. Kanchan
comes and clarifies that this is her sister. Shashi says that now shaurya
isnt there, so they dont need her. Kanchan says that she couldnt do
anything, as she didnt know that shaurya would leave so soon. Shashi
starts thinking that she would serve best as a maid, and pretends that
she would somehow manage to get samrat, to stay here. As kanchan
goes inside with her, samrat comes and asks shashi why is she shouting.
She hesitatingly brings forward the topic of keeping the girl, and samrat
agrees. Shashi is amused.
Later, shashi instructs kanchan to get the girl to start working, as
smrat doesnt like work undone. As shashi leaves, telling kanchan that
radha shall stay in the store, hearing samrat holler at her, kanchan
instructs her to stay away from everyone, and just stick to her work,
and especially not cross paths with samrat, for his mood swings, and
his temperament. Samrat gets everyone downstairs, excitedly. Samrat
comes excitedly saying that they have found a second groom for aditi,
and all are pleased, while she is shocked and tensed. Samrat is super
excited at having her relation finalised in a political household and
influential family. Aditi however is extremely scared.
Scene 3:
Location: Saroj’s residence
All are excited to see ishaan come with annu. Granny tells him about
devi’s paralysis. She starts thinking that maybe ishaan can make samrat
understand. He says that noone can make samrat understand, as he
wouldnt have broken off friendship with him. graany asks him to make
urmi understand and think about what she is planing to do. Ishaan tells
granny and others, that he is with urmi on what step she has taken.
Granny asks if he knows, what a life a left, divorced woman shall have to
live. Annu tries to argue as to how unfair this is, and that she shall
interfere, when elders are wrong. Saroj is highly tensed, and asks her to
calm down, and not boggle him with their problems. Granny asks him
what brought him here. He gets tensed and then says that he came for
some work, professionally. He thinks that he couldnt stop himself after
knowing about urmi. Ishaan thinks that he himelf is responsible somehow
for urmi’s condition. He is apalled. Annu however is convinced in her own
dream world, that he came for her only.
Scene 4:
Location: On the road
While ishaan is walking on the road, attending to a call, samrat, passing
by is shocked to see him. Samrat is shocked to find ishaan, and
wonders whats he doing here in Jhansi. He comes to him, and stands
behind him, while he is busy in his call. When ishaan turns around, he is
shocked to find samrat standing in front of him.

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