The Origin Of the word Ozu nwabeke in Igbo land by Felix Amadi

Have you ever heard of the common parlance in Igbo jokes and references known as "Ozu nwabeke?" Meaning "the Dead body of the Whiteman". 

This picture above aptly depicts where that caricature of dealing with the nauseating problem involving the carrying and moving about during the Colonial Era, the White Overlord and Local Administrators in Igbo land in those days on the stretchers of two long poles carried by bearers of four able bodies young men.

The intriguing and confusing aspects of transporting the white men on these stretchers then was the annoying reactions of the white men inherent. It is said that while carrying around these white men on these stretchers, they always exhibited nauseating habits of saying "no! no!! no!!!" however position you take them, whether up or down. Although the men carrying the Whiteman could hardly relate or make out the meaning of the expression "no" as English wasn't common or rampant by then. 

These constant utterances by the White Colonial Lords typically shows and suggests the inability to satisfy them no matter how anyone could try. So when next you hear someone questioning your insatiability and unsatisfiable reactions over someone trying to satisfy or please you by querying if you are an "Ozu Nwabeke". You certainly would realize what such a one is driving at or making out of you.

Felix Amadi.

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