Thursday Update On Lies Of The Heart June 18, 2020

All try, but neither Urmi nor Sushma’s husband is able to get any lawyer to listen to them straightaway, two days being off for diwali. they all are tensed. Urmi breaksd down lamenting that her child needs her and
shge cant even reach out to him, for his care. 

Sushma asks if there’s
noone in the house, who she can talk to and find out how is he. She
thinks about aditi and places a call. when aditi picks up, she hurriedly
asks aditi about shaurya, and is assured that shaurya is much better and the fever has come down too. Aditi apologises for their helplessness too, as urmi discusses samrat’s atrocities with her. urmi pleads to aditi to take care of shaurya and if he gets even the slightest bit worse, she should inform her. aditi complies. urmi thanks her, and cancels the call. 

sushma asks her to keep up hope. The next morning, Rudra and the
entire family are busy with Diwali preparations. rudra and shashi point
out that aditi should get the jewellery out, so that they can worship it.
Aditi is tensed, and thinks that anyhow, at any cost, she has to leave
today to meet amrit. She tells shashi that she has to go out to the
market. Samrat comes in asking why does she have to go, and asks her
to be inside, and instead send a list. She insists, but he asks her not to
be adamant, and prepare a list. Rudra brings up the topic, of getting
shaurya to meet urmi, today of all days, as otherwise he would be
tensed. Samrat asks him not to irriate him, as the explosives that he
gets shaurya today, shall vanish his dream of meeting urmi. samrat says
that today shaurya shall burst explosives with him, and not spraklers
with urmi, as he is a man after all. Shaurya and mandira happily descend
down the stairs, very excited to celebrate their diwali, and ask samrat to
get them crackers that wont burnt out, till the end of the night. samrat
is happy to see shaurya healthy and then excited at spending diwali with
them and not missing his mother. He promises them both that they shall
have endless firscrackers. Mandira and shaurya wink at each other, at
their first step to elope today, being a success. 

Sushma brings out a
saree and earrings for urmi, and he likes them, while adding that they
thought this diwali would be happy and cheerful with urmi and shaurya,
but urmi is all sad and heartbroken. Urmi overhears them, and thinks
that they are spending diwali after such a long time due to her, and
that she wont let her sadness be dampener to their happiness. Urmi
comes in happily, asking for the rangoli colours. Sushma goes to get it,
and her husband gives urmi the saree and earrings, and she happily
agrees to wear this only. susham blesses and asks her to be happy like
this only. 

Urmi asks them to relax, while she prepares the rangoli. They
comply and leave. she eyes the saree and gets emotional, and teary
eyed, but still maintains a smile on her face. she begins to make a
rangoli. She gets Gaurav’s call, and picks it up. He wishes her Happy
Diwali and asks if she is coming in the evening. urmi says that she wont
be able to come. He asks why, as he knows that she would spend her
first diwali without shaurya and must be tensed, and hence she should
come there with them. urmi says that her coming would get them all
tensed, and their diwali would be spoiled too. She says that this house
also seems like hers too, and that her presence here, is the reason of
their happiness and not their sadness. gaurav is happy to hear this and
expresses the same, and asks if she would come there for Bhaiya Dooj.
She complies. They cancel the call. She is tensed.
Location: Samrat’s residence
All are busy to begin with the puja, Shaurya asks mandira when would
they go to meet Urmi. She asks him to wait. Samrat asks if all the
arrangements are done and they can begin with the puja then. Shashi
says that she was just going to get the jewellery, and samrat asks her
to hurry. she complies. Meanwhile, a tensed aditi calls up amrit, but he
doesnt pick up at all, and she is too tensed wondering what to do now,
and what would happen, when shashi and samrat find out about the
missing jewellery. She is tensed. Just then, amrit comes with the
jewellery through the window and she rushedly takes it and leaves
hastily. as she goes to shashi’s room, she finds that shashi has already
gone and hides behind the pillar. Shashi begins to rummage through the
key bunch and wonders where is the key of the almirah. Aditi
hesitatingly brings the jewellery, a,d shashi is curious when she took it
out. Aditi says that the key fell in the corrior, and since she knew that the jewellery would have to be taken out, she did it herself. Shashi
complies. They take the jewellery boxes and leave. Aditi heaves a sigh of relief.

Location: Samrat’s and Sushma’s and Gaurav’s residence
All perform the arti with much worship and devotion. After the Arti,
samrat’s house is a host to a gambling game, where samrat and shashi
gloat about how they always win as they naturally attract money and
wealth. But samrat gets frustrated when he loses. Shaurya is signalled
by mandira to get samrat outside. Shaurya asks samrat to come too,
but samrat too busy to win back the lost money, asks shashi to go out
with them, while they burst crackers. shashi says that she is allergic and
sends mandira instead, which is just what the kids wanted. They go out.

Outside, mandira and shaurya are very excited that today shaurya would
get to burst crackers with urmi.
Mandira and Shaurya are very excited that today Shaurya would get to
burst crackers with his mom while Shaurya’s smiling.
At Samrat’s, Anu’s and Sushma’s residence, Mandira and Shaurya decide
to escape Samrat's house and go to Urmi's house and both kids are very
excited to meet Urmi, but just then, Kanchan comes and takes Mandira
insitently inside, to talk to her granny, on the phone. Shaurya meanwhile
is left alone as Mandira is asked to attend a call. He finally drifts off,
leaving the house by himself and starts walking on the road. 

But he is very scared of the firecrackers. He tries to reach his mother's house but
seems to be lost and keeps screaming of his mother name.
Meanwhile, Sushmaji and Tiwariji are celebrating Diwali by bursting
firecrackers, Urmi is reminded of her time with Shaurya, on the previous
Diwali. Sushma tries to tease her husband, by asking Urmi to scare her
husband, by explosives. But she finds Urmi lost in thoughts and seeing
Urmi's sad condition Sushmaji feels bad. 

She jerks her out of her
thoughts, and asks Urmi if she is reminded of Shaurya. Urmi nods her
head. She says that she understands Urmi’s plight, but what to do. Urmi
asks her if she can go and see Shaurya from outside, as she wants it
desperately, as he would be outside, burning firecrackers, and that she
won't go inside or talk to anyone. Sushma agrees but asks her to stay
outside only. Urmi happily says that she would be outside only. She

Meanwhile, Shaurya runs on the road, he seems to be completely
lost and he cries out to his mother as he is scared of the sound of the
explosives and the dangerous firecrackers as they are lighted on both
At Gaurav’s place, he excitedly burns crackers, while Anu asks him to
stop now. Devi stands gloomily in a corner. Gaurav and Anu play a
prank on Asha and give her a sparkler to her, while she hanldes her doll.
She hurriedly gives it to Granny. Granny is determined to get rid of the
doll today. Saroj comes and serves everyone sweets. Devi is lost in his
thoughts, remembering Samrat’s insults. Saroj comes and asks him what
happened. He denies. She says that there’s something, as he always
seems tensed ever since he came back from Samrat’s office. He denies,
but Saroj knows that it's something Samrat did, that made Devi so
tensed and sad. Just then, Anu gets a call, from US, from a long lost
friend, Tanya, who asks her to check her birthday pictures on Facebook, and she agrees. 

Anu and Granny cook a plan to get rid of the doll, and
taking her doll, send Asha inside saying that she has got a call from her
mother. Asha leaves inside. Gaurav is shocked to find his Granny’s plan
but plays along nevertheless. As the crackers explode, Asha is shocked
to find her doll too gone with the crackers. Asha starts hollering, while
all are amused, and Saroj and deyvi are tensed. Granny and Anu are
overjoyed. They pretend to be sympathetic of her grief, when she sees
them, but when she turns away, they again start laughing. At Samrat’s
residence, Samrat on the other hand is busy gambling along with his
friends and family. Samrat’s friends taunt him, when Samrat continues
losing, saying that his lucky charm, Urmi is not here but he vehemently
denies so. As Mandira comes down the stairs, Samrat and others ask
her where Shaurya is. Mandira alone in the doorway, stands tensed.

Shashi is asked by Samrat and she lies that she saw Shaurya outside.
She wonders what to tell them, as he is gone alone, and she doesn't
know how to tell them that, and is also tensed as to where Shaurya
might be, and how he would be doing all alone. Mandira leaves. The
gambling continues yet again, while Samrat asks his mother Shashi to
pack up, as she would lose a lot. He taunts her to put her own husband
at stake, while all are shocked. 

Shashi is adamant that she would
continue to play, and gives in her expensive jewellery too at stake, while
people keep telling her to withdraw now. Samrat and Rudra make fun of
her. Aditi sees them and gets tensed. She rushes to her room, with
snacks, and then Amrit comes out of hiding. She gives him snacks. Amrit
hungrily feeds on the snacks. He asks if the jewellery is okay. Aditi tells
him that her mother has put the jewellery at stake, and Amrit is

He asks Aditi to go to her mother and not let her lose at any
cost, as she would then lose, the heirloom necklace. Aditi asks how can
she do it. He asks her to atleast go down and check what's happening.
She leaves. Amrit thinks that today Shashi should win at any cost, as if
she doesn't, his bluff of returning the fake jewellery would be out. On
the road, Shaurya hides behind a car, scared of the explosives, and just
then, Urmi’s auto too passes by, but she is oblivious of Shaurya’s
presence there. 

At Samrat’s residence, Outside, Mandira doesn't find
Shaurya, and hopes that he must have reached his mom safely, as she is
very tensed for him. Meanwhile, Urmi reaches Samrat's house and finds
Mandira playing alone, and wonders where Shaurya is. Urmi thinks that
he must be inside. Mandira is about to go in, when Urmi hollers for her,
and she is happy to see her aunt Urmi. She rushes to her. They wish
each other Happy Diwali. Urmi asks Mandira where Shaurya is, and she
replies that he went to see her only. Urmi is shocked. She asks when,
where and with whom. Mandira talks about her plan, but how they
didn't get to execute it, and when she came back outside, she didnt find
Shaurya. Urmi gets a shock when Mandira informs her that Shaurya has
left the house to get to her.

Urmi vents out her frustration at Mandira asking her why did she leave him amidst such explosives, alone on the road, as he is scared of firecrackers. She wonders where Shaurya must
be as she is faced with the task of finding Shaurya on Diwali evening.
Meanwhile, Shaurya, alone and lost on the road, is very scared and
tensed on the road. He keeps screaming for his mom, who rushes out, praying to the lord, to save her son while Shaurya’s crying.

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