Tuesday Update On Twist Of Fate June 16, 2020

Abhi and Pragya reach the temple. Ladies see Abhi and ask why did he
come so late, say they saw his concert on TV and he was rocking.
Daadis come and ask why did he come here. Daadi asks if Pragya brought
him here. 

Daasi jokes that they want to roam alone, so they came here
in lieu of picking us. Daadi introduces them to panditji. Pandtiji says as
Daadi said, they both look good together and gives Pragya a thread to
tie it on Abhi’s wrist. Abhi resists. Daadi asks when he can take aarti
from daughter-in-law why can’t he get thread and tie on his wrist for
her sake. 

Pragya ties thread on his wrist. Panditji says they will also be
tied together like thread after this. Abhi then takes daadis in his car.
Daadi on back seat talk about a characterless woman who was flirting
with another man and praises Pragya that she is pati vrata and loves only Abhi.

Bulbul and Daadi watch Pragya/suresh’s intimate video and think they
cannot believe it is real. Bulbul says she will go and ask Suresh about
the truth. Daadi asks her to not create drama, else Sarla will know
about it and get another heart attack. Sarla comes there and asks what
are they hiding from her. Bulbul says she is selected in a job interview’s
first round and was discussing about it. Sarla asks if this is the only
secret. She says yes and Daadi changes the talk by scolding milkman for
delivering lean paneer. Sarla smiles.
Abhi and Pragya reach home with Daadis sadly. Daadis praise Abhi’s
performance and asks him to repeat his new song’s lyrics. He says he
does not remember and wants to go and rest. Daadi asks what
happened to him. Pragya says he must be tried and she will go and
check. Pragya follows Abhi into their room. Abhi says Daadi believes you
a lot and you betrayed her by having an illegal affair and says hope he
forgets everything. Pragya says she did not. He asks her to shut up and
says if she speaks now, he will strangulate and kill her and will not tell
daadi why he killed her. He says this room is reminding him of her laugh
and says that she can do anything she likes and he cannot do anything
to her. He starts throwing all the bedcovers, pillows, bedsheets on the
floor and tries to set them ablaze. She stops him and asks why is he
setting ablaze his favorite pillow when he is angry on her. He says she
slept with another man on this pillow and he cannot tolerate it. He
burns everything and says he hopes he can burn her like this. He removes
her tied thread and says nobody can tie us now, not even this thread.
He says he accepted her relationship in front of this fire and he ends
their relationship in front of fire itself, throws thread in fire and walks
out. Pragya worriedly tries to take out thread.
Tanu asks Aaliya when both Abhi and Pragya are here, why is Abhi not
kicking out Pragya and says let us go to Pragya’s house and tell them
about her affair, so that they also should disown her. Aaliya says she
already sent video to Bulbul.
Abhi thinks why is he angry on Pragya and worried about her when she betrayed him. 

He breaks vase on table.
Bulbul and Purvi watch Pragya’s intimate video. Sarla sees them and asks
what are they watching. Bulbul hides the phone and says she is watching
some hilarious video. Sarla asks her to show it and gets adamant. Bulbul
gives her mobile hesitantly. Sarla sees it and asks why did she hide
Abhi’s concert news from her and stopped her from watching her jamai’s
performance and says she will personally call him and congratulate him.
Bulbul gets relieved that Sarla did not see the original video.
Pragya is still crying vigorously in room. Abhi comes and says he has
taken a decision and instead of getting his whole family punished, he
will punish her. He throws their marriage picture in ash and asks her to
get out of his house. She says she will obey his every order as she loves
him a lot and walks out sadly. Tanu and Aaliya see her walking out and
smirk. Pragya gets Sarla’s call who asks how is she. She says she is fine.
Sarla asks why did she hide about Abhi’s concert. Pragya says she is
busy now with Abhi’s media meeting and will call her later. Sarla asks
her to be with Abhi and call her once she reaches home. Pragya says
okay and cuts call. Daadi asks Sarla what did Pragya say. 

Sarla says she
is with Abhi in concert and she is happy that Pragya is happy now.
Pragya is about walk out of main door when Abhi holds her hand and
says he cannot become like her, so he is letting her stay in his house for
her family’s sake as they think him as their son. He says she can stay
here tonight and cook up a story to tell to her family and Daadi. He says
for the last time, we will stay under same room but separately, takes
her bag and walks in.
Aaliya congratulates Mitali that with her proof, Pragya is kicked out of
house. Mitali says she is happy as her husband went to jail because of
Pragya. Aaliya then asks Tanu to lure Abhi now and convince him to
marry her. She then walks out saying she will meet Abhi. She comes out
and sees Abhi walking in with Pragya and her bag. Abhi sees her and
gets into his room with Pragya. Tanu gets annoyed seeing this and goes
to inform Aaliya. Abhi throws Pragya's bag on the floor and walks out
closing room door. Pragya sadly sits on sofa and cries holding pillow.
She reminisces her marriage with him and then Aaliya proving Abhi to
kick her out, etc.

Tanu asks Abhi how can he get back Pragya back in. He says he is doing
it for Daadi and Pragya’s mom. She says why is he thinking about
Pragya’s mom. He says she takes me as a son and he cannot see her in
trouble. She says she is using his weakness and trying to get back in. He
says she will stay here just tonight and says Tanu can drop her home if
she wants. She hugs him and says she is afraid that they will separate
again and asks him to not take her words seriously. He also apologizes
to her.
Purab sees Bulbul walking on road without noticing upcoming vehicles
and saves her from accident. She asks if he was following her. He says he
is not and would have saved if it was any other person and asks her to
just remember that a stranger saved her life and left.
Daadis wait for Pragya to get a tea. Tanu comes there with tea. Cousin
Daadis drink it and says it is very bad. Daadi asks her to send Pragya.
Cousins ask her to learn preparing tea from Pragya before going to her
home. They then laugh at her after she leaves. Daadi says she is very
stubborn. Tanu comes out irked and tells Aaliya that Daadis are still
under Pragya’s effect and says she will send the video to Daadi so that
she herself can kick Pragya out. Aaliya warns her not to do that and
says Abhi will get her out now.
Bulbul tells Purab that she is worried about Pragya and shows him
Pragya and Suresh’s video. Purab watches it and says it is not Pragya.
Bulbul says she knows and says someone sent this video to me and if he/
she sends it to Sarla, there will be a big problem.
Abhi reminisces Pragya trying to add bed sheet under his bed and asks
what is she doing, starts alleging that she wants to come closer to her.
She says he saw at the bed edge, so she kept bed sheet to protect him
when he falls. He says she is just acting and would add dumbells to hurt
him. She says he gave a good idea and will keep hot water instead. He
says she wants to burn his face and asks him to touch it. She tries to
touch, but he pushes her. He comes out of his imagination and then
angrily looks at Pragya, who is soundly sleeping.

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